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Mythic Dreams FAQ and Timeline
Originally posted by aaweth_edain at Mythic Dreams FAQ and Timeline
- About Signing Up-
All are welcome. But, signing up is a must to participate. However, all are welcome to check out anything on this page. A membership request is required to join, but I will accept ASAP. Sign-ups will go from January 1, 2014 until February 1, 2014.

-Author/Artist Matching–
There will, of course be writer and author matching. A Big Bang isn't complete without that. Do you think? With the summaries, there will be a spot to set any age restrictions. I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.

-Pep Talks -
I also think everyone needs cheering on with such a feat as this. So, there will be little Pep talks posted once a month. Please, sign up to write one, if you'd like. If you’re interested in writing a little note to all participants, please PM me.

- FAQ -

1. What is a Big Bang? This is a writing even that pushes authors to write long pieces of fiction in a certain amount of time. Then, the authors work with artists, who will illustrate those stories. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun!

2. Is this Big Bang limited to a certain pairing or genre? While the focus is the BBC show Merlin, you can write your fic with any pairing or genre, just as long as the main focus is Merlin and the character’s in it.

Some, but not all, genres would be:

Canon AU

3. How much do I need to write? There is a 25,000 word minimum.

4. Am I allowed to work on multiple stories in this challenge? If you want to!

5. I've started a fic before Jan 1, can I use it? It depends. If you've started working on a story and it's not been posted, you may use that. Or, you can come up with a new story especially for this.

6. What about beta-readers? Don't worry about about hunting for one. There will be beta sign ups, as per the calendar. SO, you'll find one right here.

7. What if I am an artist? You can sign up. We will need artists! All types of artists are needed – video editors, manip makers, traditional illustrations, etc - I am sure I am missing a style.

8. Can I participate if I'm not a fanfiction author or artist. Yes! We need beta's and Pep-talk writers.

9. How do I host my work? You can pot it on Live Journal, FF.net, AO3, wherever you want as long as we can read it.

10. What Now? Sign up and have fun! Please, watch this page for updates. In the meantime, spread the word!


Jan 1st - Writer Sign Ups open.
Jan 1st - Artist Sign Ups open.
Jan 1st - Beta Reader Sign Ups open.
Feb 1st - Writer Sign Ups close.
Feb 1st - Artist Sign Ups close.
March 1st - First pep talk.
March 1st - Beta request opens
April 1st-10th - First mandatory writer check-in and anonymous summaries submitted. You are encouraged to have 5k written by this point.
April 1st - Second pep talk
April 12th - Anonymous story summaries posted for artists to view.
April 19th-20th - Artist/writer matching. (Writers must share all their work/rough drafts with their artist at this point.)
May 1st – Third pep talk
May 1st - Artist/writer beta request post opens.
June 1st – Fourth pep talk
July 1st - Rough drafts due to be submitted; artist and writers. Rough drafts should be at least 15,000 words.
July 1st – Final Pep Talk
July 1st-12th - Second and final mandatory check-in for both writers and artists. It's encouraged that author's have their 25,000 words by now.
July 19th - Posting schedule announced.
August 1st – Congratulations note posted
August 2nd – Mythic Dreams is live! Stories will begin to be posted each day, as well as a master list.

Hi everyone,

My friends and I have a school project that represents a large percentage of our grade. The project in question is where we have to "create" a brand new object.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles that we have to accomplish is getting as much information as possible.

Hence this call for help to answer our little survey that my group has created.

It won't take much time, between five to ten minutes.

Thank you in advance.

The Spellin'B Team


Fanfiction Challenge: Firefly/Serenity
Usually, I have a lot of little scenes in my head that won't stay out! What does a girl got to do? Well, write some part of the story. Which is what happened for the beginning of this Firefly/Serenity fic that I started. I got hooked up and did a marathon of all the episodes + movie in less than 2 weeks.

Which brings me to my little problem:
I've started the beginning of the story "The Lucky Unluckies", but can't seem to advance further than what I got. Knowing myself, I think that this little thing will gather dust on my hard drive, never to see the light of day.

Since I'm a bit new to this whole LiveJournal thingamajig, I'll just post the beginning of the story here and then leave it to float on the Internet. Hoping that one writer or another will gladly adopt this little unpolished gem to bring this fic to completion.

However there are some things that I would like to see in this fic:
1) A Mal/Simon pairing.
2) Some of the Control Words needs to be in Japanese (a foreign language with Asian Roots that River's Mentor has implanted for the whole group to fight.)

So, without further ado, here is the beginning.
The Lucky Unluckies

Pain. Agony. So much. Too much. Cutting. Ruffling. Nobody cared for the little girl.

Sometimes, during her less than lucid periods, she could still feel the sting of those needles going in and out, in and out. Her brain being cut open, no anesthesia to make her fall asleep. The Academy was something horrible, like a bad fairy-tale coming to life. The memories twirling around in front of her eyes. Never gone. Never leaving.

Singing, parts of songs. Cool hands from far. Warmth and protection. Safety in numbers, else not at all. Stories from long ago, brought comfort to her home.

They trained her and the other students from the Academy. They wanted live weapons, the best of the best. They crammed her with information, released the dam that held her Reading back. At first, her mind was a whirlwind. Left is up. Down is right. Side is straight. Straight is left. She couldn’t control the information.

Punch. Kick. Double-flip backwards, with double-flip forward. Thrust. Block. Break. Shield. Crush.  Signals in a different language. Programmed in her by Them, but countered by Her.

She was part of the lucky ones in a group of unlucky. Number thirteen, bad number, bad sign. Thirteen at one table, first to rise is the first to die. Identification number B039, River Tam from Osiris. Codenamed: Reader. Gamma-ranked in the group. Unlucky Thirteen, but seven in all.

Mommy! Mommy! Don’t you love me? Was I a bad girl? No! Not my mommy! Mother is Alpha/Warmth/Defender/Shield!

They were seven in her group. The leader came from Generation A. One of the first to be experimented on. She was “Mother” to the rest of them. She taught them how to protect their minds from the onslaught of information. Helped them communicate with riddles and rhymes. She was also “Teacher” as she had the task to teach them how to fight, read and write. Zhang was old, so very old. She saw Earth-That-Was. Immortality, a gift-seeking curse. They try to find out how she lived so long. Identification number A013, Kinnamon Wæterian from Earth-That-Was. Codenamed: Immortal.

Simon is coming. Coming to save little River. He got her message, so clever and smart. He’ll come save them all from this evil lot. Zhang Xiong told her that Simon was coming. He told her when and how her brother would do so. River too precious. Dragon-guarded in the cave. Simon was the Prince that rescues the Princess.

Identification number: B026. Solomon Fenai, codenamed: Forecaster. Beta-Ranked in the group. He was liked Simon except, they weren’t linked by blood. That didn’t matter, they looked out for each other.

Simon was the signal for the others to escape. Unlucky they were named, yet luck that had in spades. You couldn’t count on anyone else but those in your group. Solomon told them where and when to go. Simon was the signal. Amidst the confusion, not one but seven escaped from there. Family, like Simon. They would meet again one day.

Identification number: C052. Luán Zi Shuāng, codenamed: Hermaphrodite. They were two and now they are one. Luan can’t remember his real name, or even what gender he was in the beginning. He looked more male than female. Delta-Ranked, since he was younger than River. Louis McAllen, identification number: C065. Codenamed: Leprechaun. He cried a lot, at first. But gradually lost his voice and eyes from the scalpels in their hands. Epsilon-ranked with age. Identification number: C078. Verona Kleed, codenamed: Fa’an Fatal, FF for short. Zeta-ranked even if she could be more. That is not how the pack works. You are ranked by age.

They were part of the new process to create the Perfect Human. C-Generation. Third in line. No need for discrimination between man and woman. No need for age to be a barrier or suffer from being outside your class bequest.

Serenity became a new home, so shiny and bold. Simon says, Simon do. Whatever shall they go through? Mal means Evil in Latin. The opposite of the Captain, since he was Good. Simon’s heart will be mended. Broken into a thousand pieces. By-by Doctor Tam. Hello Fugitive Simon. Black is white. White is Grey. Grey is Black. All the pretty colors in the night.

Tommy, no last name, identification number: D091. Codenamed: Gifted. Little Tommy, Nan Ying, was the Omega-Ranked baby of the family. He went from a bad situation, as a street urchin, to an even worse one where They tried to force the genetic modifications on him. D - Generation, the lab rats to become superior.

Zhang = Mother
Zhang Xiong = Ol der Brother
Nan Ying = Baby Brother

Summary: River was created to be a living weapon, the best of her batch. Only, she would need some tutors who were the previous test subjects. It so happens, she isn’t the only one to have escaped the government’s facility. Two by two, always true.

PM me if you have any questions or want more additional info on the OCs.

Well, it's the 1st of February which means that the Big Bang for Merlin has begun. Wish me luck. 

A little about myself
Well, maybe I should finally add an entry to this thing.

I'm not much of a public person, so I know for sure that I won't be using this account to much. I mainly created it to write on certain communities (like the Big Bangs).

A little bit about myself:
- I'm a girl.
- Nearly old enough to have the majority in all countries.
- Love writing.
- Currently a students with exams coming up.

That's all really. I'm open for friends but my main accounts are on fanfiction.net (pseudo: Chrystel Malfoy-Potter) and on Archivesorourown.com (pseudo is moon01234).

I love slash, yaoi mangas, SF, history and fantasy. My current hobbies are embroidery, reading, writing and cooking. (If I'm not studying).